Kubinska hoľa is set on top of the town of Dolny Kubin, which is the regional, cultural and historical center of Orava. The rugged region has several sights and attractions. Orava is one of the coldest regions in Slovakia, here lies the northernmost point of Slovakia (Babia hora), but it is also a region with many monuments that are worth a visit.

For instance the most visited Slovak castle – Orava Castle, is just a few kilometers away from the Kubínska hoľa. The uniqueness of Orava Castle lies in its details – built after a Mongol invasion of 1241 in the place of an older wooden castle, located on a cliff 112m high it served a the purpose of protecting the Orava county and the Kingdom of Hungary. After a devastating fire in 1800 it was refurnished into a hunting lodge for the aristrocracy. Its chambers will expose you to its secrets of the past like for example the set of the first Vampire film – Nosferatu. The castle offers many expositions, cultural and interractive activities. When you visit Kubinská hoľa, you should definitely not miss it.

Orava is the birthplace of many writers and artists, for example Pavol O. Hviezdoslav, or Janko Matuška the author of the text of the Slovak National Anthem. There are several expositions in Dolný Kubín which are integral to the history and development of Slovak art and literature. You can visit the Literary Museum of P.O.Hviezdoslava in Čaplovič’s Library, Florin’s House, the Orava Gallery, or Jasenova the village of Martin Kukučín.

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