Kubinska hoľa is set on top of the town of Dolny Kubin, which is the regional, cultural and historical center of Orava. The rugged region has several sights and attractions. Orava is one of the coldest regions in Slovakia, lies the northernmost point of Slovakia (Babia hora), but it is also a region with many monuments that are worth a visit.

One of the most famous Slovak castles – Orava Castle, is just a few kilometers away from the Kubínska Pole. The uniqueness of Orava Castle is in its details – precisely furnished rooms that will expose you to part of your history. The castle offers many expositions, cultural and accompanying activities. When you visit Kubinská hole, you should definitely not go around the castle.

Orava is the birthplace of many writers and artists. There are several expositions in Dolnom Kubin which are close to the history and development of Slovak art. You can visit Literary Museum of P.O.Hviezdoslava, Čaplovič’s Library, Florin House, Orava Gallery, or in the village of Martin Kukučín.

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