Buy your SKIPASS for the winter season 2019/2020 online through our E-SHOP and receive a discount on your purchase.

Buy skipasses for better prices from the comfort of your home through our E-Shop. On sale from the beginning of season 2019/2020. For more information, please visit: How to buy e-skipass


FIRST SNOW OFFER until 25.12.2019 – SPRING SKI from 9.3.2020

2 HOURS14,0 €12,0 €9,0 €13,5 €11,5 €8,0 €buy now
4 HOURS18,0 €15,0 €12,0 €17,0 €14,0 €11,0 €buy now
FROM 12:3016,0 €13,0 €10,0 €15,0 €12,0 €9,0 €buy now
1 DAY22,0 €18,0 €13,0 €20,5 €17,0 €12,0 €buy now
2 DAYS41,0 €34,0 €25,0 €38,5 €32,0 €23,0 €buy now
3 DAYS59,0 €49,0 €36,0 €55,5 €46,0 € 33,0 €buy now
4 DAYS76,0 €63,0 €45,0 €70,5 €58,5 €43,5 €buy now
5 DAYS90,0 €74,0 €54,0 €83,5 €69,0 €50,0 €buy now
6 DAYS102,0 €84,0 €62,0 €94,5 €78,0 €57,5 €buy now
7 DAYS112,0 €92,0 €68,0 €104,0 €86,0 €63,5 €buy now
3 of 5 DAYS61,0 €51,0 €37,0 €57,5 €47,5 €34,5 €buy now
5 of 7 DAYS93,0 €76,0 €57,0 €86,0 €70,5 €52,5 €buy now
SEASON SKIPASS *270,0 €220,0 €160,0 €270,0 €220,0 €160,0 €buy now
1 RIDE “CHILDREN TOW”1,5 €1,5 €1,5 €----
2 HOURS “CHILDREN TOW”8,0 €7,0 €6,0 €----
1 RIDE SKI TOW3,5 €3,0 €2,5 €----
1 RIDE CHAIR LIFT5 €4,5 €4,0 €----

*The price is only valid from 11.11 to 13.12 2019 in PRESALE! From 14.12.18 the seasonal ski pass price is valid according to the main season ski pass price.

MAIN SEASON 8.1.2020 – 8.3.2020

2 HOURS19,0 €16,0 €11,0 €18,0 €15,0 €10,0 €buy now
4 HOURS25,0 €21,0 €15,0 €23,5 €19,0 €14,0 €buy now
FROM 12:3021,0 €17,0 €13,0 €20,0 €16,0 €12,0 €buy now
1 DAY29,0 €24,0 €18,0 €27,0 €22,5 €16,5 €buy now
2 DAYS55,0 €45,0 €34,0 €51,0 €42,0 €31,5 €buy now
3 DAYS78,0 €65,0 €49,0 €73,0 €60,5 €45,0 €buy now
4 DAYS100,0 €83,0 €62,0 €93,0 €77,0 €57,5 €buy now
5 DAYS118,0 €98,0 €73,0 €110,0 €91,0 €68,0 €buy now
6 DAYS134,0 €111,0 €83,0 €124,5 €103,0 €77,0 €buy now
7 DAYS147,0 €122,0 €91,0 €137,0 €113,5 €85,0 €buy now
3 of 5 DAYS81,0 €67,0 €51,0 €75,5 €62,5 €47,5 €buy now
5 of 7 DAYS122,0 €100,0 €76,0 €113,5 €93,0 €70,5 €buy now
SEASON SKIPASS340,0 €280,0 €210,0 €340,0280,0 €210,0 €buy now
1 RIDE “CHILDREN TOW”2,0 €2,0 €2,0 €----
2 HOURS “CHILDREN TOW”9,0 €8,0 €7,0 €----
1 RIDE SKI TOW4,5 €4,0 €3,5 €----
1 RIDE CHAIR LIFT7,0 €6,0 €5,0 €----


TOP SEASON 26.12.2020 – 7.1.2020

2 HOURS20,0 €17,0 €12,0 €19,0 €16,0 €11,0 €kúpiť online
4 HOURS26,0 €22,0 €16,0 €24,5 €20,5 €15,0 €kúpiť online
FROM 12:3022,0 €18,0 €14,0 €21,0 €17,0 €13,0 €kúpiť online
1 DAY30,0 €25,0 €19,0 €28,5 €24,0 €17,5 €kúpiť online
2 DAYS57,0 €47,0 €36,0 €53,0 €43,5 €33,0 €kúpiť online
3 DAYS81,0 €68,0 €52,0 €76,0 €63,0 €47,0 €kúpiť online
4 DAYS104,0 €87,0 €66,0 €97,0 €81,0 €61,0 €kúpiť online
5 DAYS123,0 €103,0 €78,0 €115,0 €96,0 €72,0 €kúpiť online
6 DAYS140,0 €117,0 €89,0 €130,0 €107,0 €81,0 €kúpiť online
7 DAYS154,0 €129,0 €98,0 €144,0 €120,0 €91,0 €kúpiť online
3 OF 5 DAYS84,0 €70,0 €54,0 €79,0 €66,0 €51,0 €kúpiť online
5 OF 7 DAYS127,0 €105,0 €81,0 €119,0 €98,0 €75,0 €kúpiť online
SEASON SKIPASS340,0 €280,0 €210,0 €340,0280,0 €210,0 €kúpiť online
1 RIDE „CHILDERN TOW“2,0 €2,0 €2,0 €----
2 HOURS „CHILDREN TOW“9,0 €8,0 €7,0 €----
1 RIDE SKI TOW5,0 €4,5 €4,0 €----
1 RIDE CHAIR LIFT8,0 €7,0 €6,0 €----

All ski passes are issued as chip cards. The deposit on the chip card is 2 €. The deposit will be returned only on UNDAMAGED and fully FUNCTIONAL chip cards!

All Ski passes are NOT TRANSFERABLE! Ski pass users are being monitored! A photograph is taken everytime a guest passes the tourniquet to further serve as evidence. Only use skipasses purchased through official outlets of the resort and exclusively for yourself. Skipasses received or purchased from third persons are not valid and will blocked upon misuse. Guests are required to show his/her skipass when asked to do so by staff members of the ski resort. If the staff member is to find a guest using an invalid skipass or a unjustifiably discounted skipass/ticket, the skipass will be blocked without the right for a refund.



  • Children under the age of 6 have the right to a free use of lifts, provided that they are accompanied by an adult aged at least 18 years old. The customer must present proof of entitlement by submitting a child‘s health insurance card.
  • Children from the age of 6 years to 12 years included have a right to apply for the skipass labeled “Kids”. The customer must present proof of entitlement by providing a child‘s health insurance card.
  • Guests above 60 years of age, or guests with valid proof severely disability card the right to apply for the skipass labeled “Senior”. The guest must present proof of entitlement by submitting an identity card.
  • Children from 13 years of age to 19 years of age have the right to apply for the skipass labeled “Junior”. The guests with valid ITIC, ISIC and EURO 26 cards also have the right to apply for a “Junior” skipass. The guest must present proof of entitlement by submitting an ID (children younger than 15 years provide their health insurance card) or ISIC, ITIC, EURO26, GO26 card.
  • Owners of cards Orava Card are entitled to a 5% discount from 1,2,3,4 day pass and 10% of 5,6,7 day pass only from the price at the cash register at the center.
  • Discounts for groups: 10% for all-day ski pass and each 21 person free of charge, discounts apply for groups with a minimum of 20 persons at a time when buying a ticket for the entire group from the prices at the cash register at the center. When using this kind of discount, you are not allowed to get any additional discounts. When buying skipasses for an organized group it is necessary to provide a name list of all group members with the stamp of the organization.
  •  A combination of discounts is not allowed. The most advantageous price is valid for the costumer. Ski resort reserves the right to change tariffs for transport tickets.
  • Prices for ESKIPASS e-shop are only valid when buying online ski passes (not at the ticket office), which is on the website of No additional rebates can be claimed when purchasing an online tariff, the full price is charged to the customer according to the current ESKIPASS e-shop pricelist published on the operator’s website or directly at the cashier’s office.
  • The price of ski passes does not include entry to the ski school.

Information about price list:

  • Time tickets are valid from time of purchase. Ski pass „from 12:30“ is valid untill the end of normal opennong hours 15:30.
    1 RIDE CHAIR LIFT means just 1 return ride on the cableway on the route A -UNIFIX Máčkovo-Dzúrikovo and back or means just 1 return ride on the cableway on the route B Dzúrikovo-hrebeň and back, so you need 2 chair lift tickets to get to the top.
  •  1 RIDE LIFT represents only one one-way ride on any lift C, D, E, F, G but only on one of them
  • 1 RIDE LIFT “CHILDREN LIFT” represents only one one-way ride on any lift H,J but only on one of them.
  • Time skipass 2 HoURS „CHILDREN LIFT“ is valid only two hours on the lift H and J!
  • Identification of lifts A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, can be found in the map of the ski resort, which is available free of charge at the cash desk in SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa.
  • Ski pass validity begins on the day they are issued. By request it is possible without any fee to have a ski pass issued with a defined date of validity in the season, but only for day and multi-day tickets. Validity of multi-day ski passes is always on consecutive days with the exception of 3 from 5, 5 from 7 and 10 days in the season.
  • Information about the current snow conditions or wind conditions and operating hours are made available daily at the cash desk, or on the website: , and at phone number +421 915 595 311.
  • The ski resort reserves the right to limit the transport capacity according to the current capacity utilization rate and weather conditions.
  • In case of loss, theft or damage of the ski pass no refund is granted!
  • The guest does not have any right for the refund of transportation in case of operation being suspended due to extraordinary circumstances which are beyond the effective control of the operator, and which could not be avoided even in cases of taking all possible measures (e.g. Force majeure)
  • Ski resort does not provide any additional extension, exchange or changing of the skipass.
  • Transport users are bound to adhere to the conditions set out in the transport regulations, price list, White Codex and respect the instructions of the operator’s authorised personnel. A contract of carriage is concluded when the user applies their right to carriage upon purchasing a transport ticket and enters the transport facility or enters the entry or exit areas – accessible only with a valid travel document. Upon concluding this contract the user confirms that they have acquainted themselves with the transport regulations, price list and White Codex.
  • Visitors of the ski resort move around the resort at their own responsibility and are obliged to follow the instructions of staff at the ski resort.
  • If an authorized employee of the ski resort finds out that the skipass is used by an unauthorized person, or in case of non-transferable skipass a person is not listed as a valid skipass holder, the authorized employee shall take away, discard or disable them without any refund of paid amount of money or any part of it.
  • Non-transferable skipasses are valid only with an ID card. Non -transferable skipass can be used only by the person listed as the owner of the ski pass.
  • The Skipass or/and Ticket does not entitle its holder to carry out any business or other gainful activities (including the activities of ski-schools) on the ski trails and stop way ski areas without the permission of the Operator and without the relevant licences according to the generally binding legal regulations. Without the consent of the Operator, there is a ban on the use of the ski trails and stop way ski areas for advertising purposes (for example to place booths, advertising equipment, etc.).
  • The complete wording of the general terms and conditions is to be found at the cash desk or on the

Mountain rescue insurance is included in the price of the ski passes on the marked ski slopes in the resorts, in which the ski passes are valid, during the resort operation hours and in ski pass date validation.

Operating time:
  • Operating hours of the chairlift depend on the wind or snow conditions: from 8:30 to 15:30.
  • From 16:00 to 8:00 slopes are CLOSED! There is an imminent danger of injury caused by cables from snow cannons and snow machines, mostly those with rope drums.
  • There is a strict ban on paragliding during the duration of the winter season 2019/2020 at SKI PARK Kubínska hoľa.